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Reported on:
24. January 2018 - 9:30

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Waste electrical and electronic equipment

What do we deposit and where?

The following is considered waste electrical and electronic equipment:

  • large and small domestic appliances;
  • TV and computer screens;
  • IT and telecommunications equipment;
  • leisure electronics;
  • electric and electronic tools;
  • lighting equipment;
  • watches and timers;
  • electrical devices for body care;
  • electronic tools and sports equipment with electrical or electronic parts.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment does not belong to the residual waste bins or among bulky waste.

It must be taken over by the merchants that sell you your new refrigerator, washing machine or TV set or you can take it to the Barje Collection Centre, while small items (up to the size of a vacuum cleaner) can be deposited in the new movable collection unit you can find at the scheduled locations in MOL from spring till autumn.

There are six containers for waste electrical and electronic equipment at the Barje Collection Centre, namely:

  • a container for large household appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washing and drying machines etc.);
  • a container for small household appliances (vacuum cleaners and electric brooms, sewing machines, toasters etc.);
  • a container for TV and computer screens;
  • a container for leisure electronics and telecommunications (computers, printing units, fax machines, telephones, radio receivers, video recorders, video cameras, DVD players etc.);
  • a container for lighting equipment;
  • a container for electrical and electronic tools (with the exception of large immovable industrial tools).

Why is it so important to separately collect waste electrical and electronic equipment?

Electrical and electronic equipment contains a lot of substances that are harmful to the environment, such as lead, cadmium, mercury and CFC gases, which are destroyed or recycled using specific procedures suitable for individual types of appliance or equipment.

Raw materials are not negligible either – one million mobile phones contain 250 kilograms of silver, 24 kilograms of gold and 9 kilograms of palladium and copper, each. We can recycle up to 90% of these raw materials.

And what do the figures say? In the European Union, around 10 million tonnes of computers, telephones, household and other appliances are thrown away each year. Most of them still end up at dumps.