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Remaining waste

What do we deposit and where?

Waste that belongs in none of the special-purpose bins is deposited in the black or grey bin for mixed household waste.

The following is deposited in black or grey bins:

  • nappies and cat litter;
  • cooled ashes and vacuum cleaner bags;
  • textiles, leather and sewing waste;
  • cassettes, films and photos;
  • cork and rubber;
  • ceramics, porcelain and bulbs;
  • insulation and car glass.

Where does the collected waste go?

The remaining waste is deposited at the non-hazardous waste dump at Barje.
The regular removal of such waste is organised in all settlements within MOL and 99% of all inhabitants are included.

Approximately 700 tonnes of waste is deposited and 'incorporated' by the Barje dump each day.