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Paper and cardboard

What do we deposit and where?

The following is deposited in bins with blue lids:

  • newspapers and magazines;
  • books and notebooks;
  • leaflets and catalogues;
  • envelopes;
  • office and wrapping paper;
  • paper shopping bags;
  • carton and cardboard packaging.

The following may not be deposited in bins with blue lids:

  • hollow carton packaging for fluids (which is to be disposed among packaging);
  • carbon, waxed or laminated paper, wallpaper and cellophane (to be deposited among mixed waste);
  • cigarette boxes (to be deposited among mixed waste);
  • tissue paper – paper towels, napkins, handkerchiefs (to be deposited among BIO or mixed waste);
  • food-stained or soaked paper and carton packaging (to be deposited among mixed waste);
  • any soiled or wet paper and carton packaging.

How do we deposit?

Cardboard boxes are torn and folded so that they take up minimum space. Adhesive tape should also be removed. If a magazine is wrapped in protective plastic foil, the latter is deposited in the yellow-lid bin.

Where do collected paper and cardboard go?

Pursuant to a contract, all separately collected fractions are taken over by the waste packaging handling company Slopak. In the paper processing facilities, paper and cardboard are prepared for processing – glue, binding, metal parts and rubbish removed – and the raw materials processed as appropriate. The processed cardboard and paper are used to make paper bags, sanitary paper and paper towels, carton egg boxes, envelopes, notebooks, folders etc.