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What do we deposit and where?

The following is deposited in bins with green lids:

  • food and drink glass bottles;
  • glass packaging of medicines and cosmetics;
  • preserved food jars;
  • other glass packaging.

The following may not be deposited in bins with green lids:

  • window and other flat glass (which is to be delivered to the collection centre);
  • light bulbs (to be deposited among mixed waste);
  • neon, halogen and incandescent bulbs and lighting tubes (these are considered hazardous waste);
  • car glass (which, as well as the waste listed below, belongs among mixed waste);
  • mirrors, porcelain, pottery;
  • crystal and screen glass;
  • Perspex and carbon glass;
  • laboratory and fireproof glass;


How do we deposit?

Glass packaging is always emptied and the caps or corks are removed. Caps are deposited into the packaging collection bins and corks into the black or grey bins.
Glass is a very useful raw material since it can be 100% recycled and reused without a loss in quality. One tonne of waste glass is a replacement for approximately 1.2 tonnes of raw materials and we must not forget the energy saved.