Separating and collecting waste

Bulky waste

What do we deposit and where?

Bulky waste includes:

  • bathroom fittings;
  • furniture;
  • carpeting;
  • padded furniture and mattresses;
  • lamps and lampshades;

These items do not belong among bulky waste:

  • household waste;
  • windows and doors;
  • construction waste;
  • soil, leaves and branches;
  • hazardous waste;
  • waste electrical and electronic equipment;
  • automobile tyres.

Users are entitled to the free removal of bulky waste once a year (if you live in a multi-apartment building and several residents submit a joint order for waste removal, they can use this service twice a year).

Waste removal must be ordered in advance via a special order form available in electronic and pdf form here.

Bulky waste should be placed at the designated location for municipal waste on the day agreed for bulky waste removal.

If you have already used the free removal option, you can take bulky waste to the collection yourself or arrange for the pick up and removal of waste for payment according to our price list.

How to order the removal of bulky waste?

Users are entitled to the free removal of bulky waste once a year; users from MOL can order it when required and those from other municipalities can select a date within the scheduled interval.

In both cases waste removal must be ordered in advance via a special order form available in electronic and pdf form here.

For any further information, please write to

So, if you live in the Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL), you can now order free bulky waste removal at any time (not only as part of specific schedules). After having received your order, Snaga will call you and arrange for a date to pick up your waste.

At the time the waste is picked up by Snaga, its owner must be available on the phone or present in person, if they wish.

How and when is bulky waste disposed of?

Bulky waste should be placed next to the residual waste bin and separated by type (metal, wood etc.). Snaga will not pick up any waste that is not bulky waste and will inform the competent inspection service thereof.

Bulky waste should be prepared by no later than 6 a.m. on the pick-up day and no sooner than 24 hours before the pick-up day.

Where does bulky waste go?

Snaga takes the collected bulky waste to the bulky waste sorting facility where workers separate it manually and mechanically into fractions suitable for recycling and residual waste that cannot be recycled.

Snaga hands over the collected padded furniture, bed mattresses, wood and wood residue, metal, plastic foil, carton, mixed plastic and waste electrical and electronic equipment to the authorised organisations in charge of waste processing. Only waste that cannot be recycled ends up at the dump, which is why it is important that you separate it as much as possible.

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