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Separating and collecting waste

Still thinking about whether to separate waste or not? And your excuse is that Snaga eventually puts everything on the same heap? We collect waste separately. This means that Snaga's employees collect paper waste one week and then (maybe using the same truck) come to collect glass the next week. Snaga then delivers such waste to the relevant waste management company which sorts it and delivers it to waste processing companies. If you are still in doubt, look for waste processing companies on the Internet and see what they do – then ask yourselves, what they would do if you did not separate waste more diligently each year.

Snaga collects waste in the area of the City of Ljubljana and nine municipalities in the vicinity (Brezovica, Dobrova - Polhov Gradec, Dol pri Ljubljani, Ig, Horjul, Medvode, Škofljica, Velike Lašče and Vodice). The system is based on a combination of a delivery system (ecological collection sites) and the collection of waste "at your doorstep" (bins and underground containers at collection sites).

In the city centre, waste is deposited in underground collection units.

Snaga provides for the separate collection of:

  • waste paper and carton, glass and packaging (collection unit, and recently introduced packaging and paper bins at collection sites)
  • biological waste in brown bins at collection sites),
  • bulky waste (free removal upon order, paid removal upon order collection centre),
  • hazardous waste (movable collection unit, collection unit at the Povšetova collection centre),
  • waste electrical and electronic equipment (collection centre, movable collection unit – for small items only),
  • other waste (black or grey bins at collection sites),
  • special waste (collection centre).