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24. January 2018 - 9:30

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Rights and obligations of the users

The mandatory public utility services of collecting and removing municipal waste in the City of Ljubljana Ordinance on municipal waste collection and removal.

The Ordinance is the basis for SNAGA performing public services in MOL since it sets out its competencies and the user's rights and obligations.

The Ordinance allows for the thorough collection of packaging and paper and changed frequency of removing individual types of waste. Among other things, it also lays down the minimum accounting unit for the service performed and stipulates the obligations of a service user and the penalties prescribed for violations of individual obligations and fines for offences.

Some other significant clauses are included by the Ordinance, namely, that the bins must be kept on private property and that residents may, once a year, order the removal of bulky waste, when needed. Implementation of the provisions of this Ordinance is supervised by the Inspectorate of the City Council of the City of Ljubljana (MOL), which is also authorised to impose fines.