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24. January 2018 - 9:30

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Cleaning public areas

In the area of the City of Ljubljana, Snaga keeps clean more than 500 km of roads, 600,000 m2 of pavements, 50 km of bicycle lanes and 700,000 m2 of squares. In addition, Snaga's teams also empty more than 1,300 garbage bins and clean 32 underpasses, passages and arcades, covering a total of 16,000 m2. Snaga's employees manually clean streets and squares in 13 municipal areas (districts) every single day. Their work includes the emptying of bins, picking up large waste items, sweeping around the bins and pavement kerbs, removing waste from discharge shafts, sweeping leaves, cleaning benches etc.

Streets are swept with sweeping machines and the intensity of cleaning is adapted to daily needs and the situation in the field (weather conditions, events etc.).

Did you know that Snaga's employees pick up and remove about 10 tonnes of waste after each New Year’s celebration?